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Product description
Even in the dark, mosquitoes can easily locate humans and animals based on their carbon dioxide emissions. The insect catcher Mozzie takes advantage of this principle. This insect lamp can catch insects both during the day and at night as it attracts insects three times: through heat, UV light and carbon dioxide.

The insect lamp Mozzie is equipped with a curved 9-watt UV lamp, which attracts the mosquitoes with their light. In addition, it produces carbon dioxide, which together with the light forms an irresistible combination for mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes get close to the unit, they fly to the light. Under the lamp is the powerful, fluorescent and silent fan, which sucks the mosquitoes into a closed container. The mosquitoes die there without any use of toxic or chemical substances due to exhaustion and dehydration. The container under the device can be easily emptied after a quarter turn.

The UV light of the lamps heats a titanium-containing plate, through whose catalytic effect carbon dioxide (CO2) is generated. Incidentally, carbon dioxide is a completely harmless substance. Humans also produce carbon dioxide, and the Mozzie insect lamp produces about the same amount as a human being.

Air cleaning
Mozzie also cleans the ambient air .
Even if the lamp is not turned on, the sunlight or another source of light, such as a lamp, is already enough to activate the lamp to purify the air and eliminate offensive odors such as tobacco smoke. Above the UV lamp is a plate containing titanium dioxide (TiO2). Titanium dioxide is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium. It was approved in 1968 by the US Food and Drug Administration as a food additive. Among other things, TiO2 is used in the production of chocolates and is completely harmless to humans and animals. When exposed to light, TiO2 cleans the air of unpleasant odors and bacteria near the unit.

The insect lamp Mozzie is ideal for use in the bedroom and living room, in offices and restaurants and all other places where mosquitoes reside. The device can be set up or hung on the top eyelet.

Attractive, patented design
Safe: No high voltage, so safe for humans and animals
Hygienic: No fly residues on work tables and floors
No smell of burnt insects.
No rattling noises or exploding insects
Practical: Can be placed anywhere freestanding. Ceiling mounting also possible

The suction effect also attracts dust. It is therefore advisable to clean the device regularly from dust. It is advisable to replace the lamp after 9000 burning hours, which is about one year of total use. After that, the effective effect is 30% less. The lamp can easily be replaced.
Light source: High-quality UV-A lamp
Housing: Fireproof ABS plastic
Scope of delivery
1 insect killer incl. UV lamp
1 chain set
1 user manual

Technical data
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